Recruiting young leaders


“Lederne” is a labour union for business managers on all levels. Even though the union has close to 18,000 members, they are still one of the smaller labour unions in Norway. Their goal is to increase the number of members by 2020, focusing on attracting a younger audience.


To reach out to the desired target group, a series of animations in social medias were launched. These series were used to generate traffic to a website where you could register as a member of “Lederne”.


The animations sent a clear message about all the membership benefits, highlighting benefits such as insurance, legal guidance, and personal rights, told in a tongue-in-cheek way. Gamification with inspiration from old DOS games from the ‘80s was used in the animations to create an expression many people already knew of and could relate to. 


This resulted in a growing membership base and more than 100,000 views in social medias. As opposed to a lot of other labour unions, who sees a decrease in the number of members, Lederne’s membership base is slowly but surely increasing.