How to engage millennials


The National Norwegian Lottery, Norsk Tipping, wanted to create awareness of their product, Reiseflax.
– a scratch card for young people aged 18–25, which offers the chance to win various trips.


The challenge was informing such a young target audience that physical scratch cards actually existed at all in 2018. The target audience (Millennials) cannot often be found in grocery stores or visiting betting kiosks. Therefore, we wanted to communicate with them in their “natural environment”; on social media platforms accessed through their smart phones, with Instagram as the main channel. With the competition to gain attention on social media growing tougher, a game is often a sure-fire way to quickly generate engagement and curiosity. 


The solution was a responsive website – tailored in accordance with the principles of “mobile first”, using social media to drive traffic. This was based around the idea of scratching cards and guessing as many travel destinations as possible within 60 seconds. The user could register their score at the end of the game to enter the draw for the travel prize, as well as share their scores on social media and challenge their followers and friends. The Top 20 results were published on their own score page, but the main point was that only registering and luck were needed for a chance to win. In this way, we created greater engagement and increased motivation for participation. 


By utilising social media to post promo-content and drive traffic to the website, my team and I were able to segment users based on age, location and interests in order to reach our selected target groups. 20 different GIFs and videos were also produced to raise interest around the game, as well as posts when new top scores were achieved in the game and to announce each week’s winners.


This resulted in over 50,000 website hits, with a low bounce rate and over 30,000 registered scores during the short campaign period. The average session duration was 3 minutes and 53 seconds. 90 percent visited the website on their smart phones, while only 8 percent used a computer.

Norsk Tipping