Widerøe – content strategy


Widerøe normally operates on the STOL network with over 450 departures every day to 43 airports in Norway alone. Norway’s oldest airline is also a different airline. Their main competitors are not only other airlines, but trains, long haul buses, and personal vehicles as well. Widerøe’s aim isn’t necessarily to give you the urge to go out and travel, but to be an attractive alternative when the need to travel emerges.


In 2016, the airline experienced a decline in ticket sales, despite using traditional advertising methods. Our mission was to raise the demand and the number of sold tickets through new media channels.


Together, my team and I developed the concept “Årets flyhet”, a play on words combining the Norwegian term for “årets nyhet”, ‘news of the year’, and the word for airplane, “fly”. “Årets flyhet” came complete with a visual identity and a clear association to the previous slogan, “Widerøes jet launch”, which we developed in conjunction with the release of Widerøe’s very first jet, an Embraer E2. Before the press conference and the grand reveal of “Årets flyhet”, a lot of “flyhetsvarsler”, another play on words combining the words “newsflashes” and “airplane”, were sent out. All of the communication used linguistic and visual techniques often found in news broadcasts. “Flyheten” made it both national and regional in social medias, and received numerous ‘likes’, shares, comments, and emojis.


National and local approaches of Widerøe’s jet launch on Facebook netted a solid reach of 426,310, with 1,5 million views. The engagement was massive, which in turn contributed to cost effective conversions through retargeting. 

Case photo:
Sverre Hjørnevik / Widerøe, Peter Hjertholm / Redink